View Full Version : For Naoki Momo

August 8th, 2007, 9:54 AM
Here's a song-ish thingy I wrote for my band Naoki Momo.

All of the lies
I told
Will go away today
I'll be truthful
For there is only one person I love
He makes me
Loosen up
I've got
100 percent confidence
In all he is
He's the one
No one else for me
Doesn't matter what I said before
I'm coming clean
You can hate me
For what I'm saying
In fact,
I'd be
Happier that way
I won't lie anymore
I can deal with
The pain of seperation
But I can't
Lie about love
No longer
Will I fake this
So, I suppose
Now you know it

Oh, I found another one. Yay.

Two in the Morning
All I want
Is for you
To respect me too
Like you do
Everyone else
Why can't you
Give me what I need?
Could it be
They're more important to you
Than me
Tell me I'm dreaming
I'll wake up from this nightmare
If I can
Make myself
Realzie you were a lie
Maybe I'll awaken
And live

They're both kinda emo-ish. Personally, I have no idea why I'm writing them, they make me sick. I'm not emo or goth or anything, which is why I don't like them too much. Of the two, though, I prefer the second. I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote the first one. Anyway, C&C welcome.