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  1. giradialkia
    April 6th, 2013 7:27 AM
    Okay, I logged in here after too damn long and see this little statement here.

    As one of those 'guys who laugh, ridicule and criticise, relatively ruthlessly' as you so eloquently put it, let me just say that the ruthless approach is simply because in the eyes of the people playing this sort of game, many of the hacks here are riddled with bugs, glitches, shoddy programming, lack of logic and level curves that make your average Aichiya Sanae Touhoumon 1.5 hack look vanilla, and as one wise man said, the truth hurts.
    You don't like what I said, but your statement still doesn't invalidate mine, it's just trying to justify the manner in which he wrote his review- relatively rudely. It's humorous and as I've said, I agree with pretty much everything he raised (and most everything that other reviews of hacks on that forum of hacks here- some of the glaring issues are just plain terrible), but it's still rude, and effectively there was no need for it to be as strongly worded as that.

    The truth doesn't always have to hurt, especially not in the case of people who don't hack as seriously as others- for example, the people on the Nuzlocke forum (I can only assume). They're just different places, and people's perceptions on hacks are entirely different, too. Furthermore, I've modded here for nearly 3 years now, and due to the majority member base (kids around 12-15 years old), I've had to be completely firm with anything that's remotely disrespectful. It's just how things are done around here, and as long as I'm a mod that's not going to change.

    Let me stress that for most of what Doesn't raised, I agree, but I do not and will not agree with or condone the way it's presented here, and it's as simple as that.

    We've never spoken so don't get the wrong impression- I don't think the Nuzlocke forum is full of dicks who just bash PokéCommunity hacks, and I don't think that of you or of Doesn't at all, either- just, that kind of posting doesn't belong here. And that makes me sound like a dictator, but it's how the forum best works, and so it's how it's run.

    Regarding the voting for HotY, yeah, that's a system that's been in place since the competition ever began, as far as I know, and I absolutely agree that it's pretty crap. We're always talking about ways to improve these kind of competitions though, and since we have several months before the next HotY competition we'll probably have time to implement something better.

    I didn't delete your post, but I trust you can respect the guidelines DrFuji and I posted by reconsidering your post if you think your response would cause offence to someone.
  2. Postman
  3. .: L u n a . D i v i n e r :.
    November 7th, 2008 2:35 PM
    .: L u n a . D i v i n e r :.
    are u looking 4 the legend dogs? i have them all in distant land...
  4. Detox
    November 7th, 2008 1:16 PM
    Detox far the only raikous i can get have either hp fire or electic,and one had flying....but ill keep trying....

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