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Yolo, can I be my made-up char?
Blitz-Z (or Blitz for short)
gender: Male
alliance: good, Maverick Hunter
appearance: Dark shade of purple and dark blue colored armor;reloid;has one blade going down the middle of the back-side of his head-armor.Dark purple hair barely coming out of his helmet as well. His leg armor has lightning designs hanging back from them.
weapons/abilities: Blitz-Sabre, Blitz-Buster, Blitz-Bergade, hyper-dash.
other: can travel at very high speeds and break sound barrier
quotes from my made-up game, Blitz-z:Attack of Replode (made sprites for it and everything!): Replode! Replode! You idiot, get out of there!!!You have 30 seconds left!!!
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