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like I said, there's too many possibilities. However, after Mewtwo Strikes Back, readers may be most accustomed to Mewtwo taking on the vigilante image than any other Pokemon. However, since people seem to really look for originallity in fanfiction.... when you think about it, even a Pikachu is capable of pulling off the things I specified. That oughta really throw everyone for a loop, being such an odd, yet original choice. But, if you wanted to be original, yet not so outlandish, I think the ideal vigilante would be a Pokemon with a human-like figure. Not Humanshape exactly, but have arms, upright legs, and the muscular build of your average grown man. Something like Alakazam, the Hitmons, Lucario, Sceptile, or Blaziken would work wonders.

But my personal choice would be..... [cough].... er, Sceptile.
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