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Okay, so I've noticed that this place is totally lacking a good reviewer, or just good reviews in general. So, I'm now taking it upon myself to start reviewing fanfics. I'll have a sign-up list that I'll update. I'll take five at a time right now, and when school slows down a little in the winter, I'll up the list to ten fics at a time. I'll update this first post as I clear out people's fics.


1. Sapphire Persian -- Metamorphosis
2.Sapphire Persian -- The Ties that Bind

The following is the template that I'll be using to "grade" the fanfic in question.

Basic Grammar: 10 points
Punctuation: 5 points
Sentence Variation: 5 points

20 possible points

General Writing

Creativity: 10 points
Word Choice: 5 points
Dialogue: 5 points
Character Portrayal: 5 points
Descriptions: 5 points

30 possible points


I'll paste that template in, and then show what you get out of 5 or 10 points, and then 20, 30, and 50 points.

What do all of those things mean? Glad you asked!!

Basic Grammar: Things like subject/verb agreement, avoiding fragments and run-ons, proper spelling, using adjective and adverbs correctly, etc.

Punctuation: Proper use of periods, question marks, exclamation points, commas, colons, semi-colons, spacing, quotation marks, parenthesis, underlines, bolds, and italics.

Sentence Variation: Using different lengths of sentences, keeping the pattern smooth, adding different phrases and clauses…

Creativity: Using new and exciting characters and situations, creating original settings, characters, or perhaps even Pokemon!

Word Choice: Using exciting and well-thought-on words to accurately depict settings, characters, events, actions, and thoughts.

Dialogue: Using exciting dialogue that fits the character talking and differs with emotions.

Character Portrayal: How you introduce a character and his/her attributes, whether they stay in-character, and if you are using cannon characters, if THEY stay in-character.

Description: How well and often you describe people, events, places, actions, and thoughts.

So, sign up, and I'll review!

Who's that returning from the depths of forum ghosts past? Oh! It's me!
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