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*New thread magical...*

To wake up a sleepy section... I have a question to ask all my fellow fanfic writers.

Is it a good idea to plan a series of books staring the same character? (Not books, persay. Um, really long multi-chaptered fanfics. There we go.)

I was told that writing more than one fanfic with the same character is boring. But I don't find writing about the same character boring. I mean, my character is still growing as a character. And it makes no sense to end her adventures when she's eleven after traveling around a region of the Pokemon World.

That's why I was wondering. Because what does one do with a character that still needs to grow and has it in her personality traits that she loves to travel? She wouldn't be one to stay at home for the rest of her life, settling down and starting a family. And as I said before, I like to write about her.

It's just that the readers might not want to see the never-ending adventures of my character. (Pokemon fans make complaints about the never-ending adventures of Ash. But I know from planning things out that my own fic series won't be so...boring. *shoots down ego*

What I'm basically asking is: Could a series following one main character work? Or should I try to create a main character for each book?

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