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# Spheal Nbee #

Pokemon: Liquid Crystal

# Spheal Of #

Pokemon: Fire Red

# Stary #

Dis is a remake of Pokemon Crystal wit a different starylne and loads of extras and new thngs added.

# Features #

*All Tha Pokemon Ncludng Legendaries And Starters.

*Extended Stary From Tha Orignal Pokemon Crystal.

*You Can Run Nside Buildngs Just Like Pokemon D/P

*New Region Wit Hopefully Some Shnoh Pokemon

*Johta And Kanta Wit Some New Events

*Berry Trees!

*Heezeebutt Trees!

*Ncludes Tebe Rocket, Tebe Magma And Aqua.

*3 Rivels

*Tha Music From All Tha Gbees Maybe Ncudng Fnal Fantasy!

*No Need Ta Trade Ta Complete Tha Pokedex!

*Only Half Of Kanta Will Be Ncluded

*New Traner Classes!

*Some New Berry Nbees

# Screenshots #


BEWIS. May Contan Spoilers!

Gbee Video Part 1

Gbee Video Part 2

Gbee Video Part 3

# Bugs #

Dis Will Be Updated As New Bugs Is Found

*Tha female overworld has tha wrong pallet.

*Thares No Pokegear. But thares somthng similar!

*Charizard still sounds on tha title screen.

*Tha Dawg Rivels Battle Sprite Is Not Right.

# Glitches #

Thase Will Be Updated When New Glitches Is Found

*DON'T DIE BEFOE YOU GIT TA THA FIRST POKEMON CENTER! You will see what happens if you do.

*Walkng Around And Nfront Of Tha Dark Cave Sign Resets Tha gbee. BEWIS!

*Walkng Around Tha Tap Left Cut Tree On Route 31 Resets Tha Gbee. BEWIS!

*If You Press Start And Go Ta Bag/Pokemon N MR. POKEMON'S Hizouse When You Exit Tha Menu You Become Him Wit Wrong Pallete!


Q.Can i be a beta tester
A.Sorry. tha places is all filled up. thares still a space fo mapper, scripter, and music person if you like?

Q.Can i help wit spritng, mappng etc.
A.Yes PM me if you want.

Q.Can i help wit music?
A.Yes yes yes. I really need help wit dis.

# Credits #

I Hope I Havent Fogotsten Anybody But Thankyou Ta Everybody That Helped If I Have Fogotsten Anyone.

foullump - Fo helpng me script.

zel - Fo helpng me script and lettng me use his overworld sprites.

thathathatha - General help wit problems.

shadowboi166 - fixng tha title screen fantasticly. fixng tha male, female sprites n oak ntro.

Ssyn, kid nno and dragonsphealer - Beta testng

Necrod, Rei173 - Battle Sprites

Everyone Else That Helped.

# Progress #

N dis section i will give i short log of what i did on a certan date. Check back here often as i will be updatng dis part regurly.

15/08/07 Just mapped out Violet City. Added text ta thugz and started mappng Sprout Tawer.

16/08/07 shadowboi166 fixed tha title screen fo me, fixed tha playas battle backsprite. fixed tha first GYM Leaders batle sprite and tha male/female sprite n oak ntro. - Thanks shabowboi166, Mapped out second floor of sprout tawer and added warps.

17/08/07 Fixed a bug n tha cherrygrove taur dawgs script. Fixed loads of bugs.

18/08/07 Mapped out first gym. Added sprites. fixed mappng bugs n sprout tawer. mapped out some of tha map wit tha water next ta New Bark Tawn.

19-21/08/07 Done everythng up ta UNION CAVE. RUNS OF ALPH not ncluded. Released beta 1!

22/08/07 - 1/09/07 Been away so i could not do anythng. takng a short break fo a few days.

2-14/09/07 - Been at school fo 2 weeks so i cant do anythng than ethar. I have alot ta catch up on.
Next Release

When i fnish everythng up ta GOLDENROD CITY. I can't sez when that will be at tha momment. Hopfully soon though!

# Additional Notes #

*If Anybody Would Like Ta Beta Test Fo Me Im sorry ta sez tha places is filled. Thanks anyway.

*If Anybody Would Like Ta Make Some Sprites Fo Me Just PM Me Coz I Really Need Help Wit Dis.

*If Anybody Has Any Ideas Fo Some Events Than Post Tham Here And I Will Consider.

*Everybody Who Helps Out Will Be N Tha Begnnng And End Credits.

*Tha next beta will have all tha edited stuff. You will have ta start from tha beggnng when its released.

# Downloads #

Beta 1 has been released
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