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As per Mizuki's request, no voting for her in any category. No votes for yourself, vote in at least four categories, a vote may be split a maximum of three ways per category. And if you were going to vote for Mizuki, vote for me instead. *Shot'ed* Oh, and no voting for a person more then three times, and vote in RPer of the Month. That should do it.

Those who showed themselves above or below the call of duty:

Funniest RPer:

Most Creative RPer:

Laziest RPer:

Most "Creatively Challenged" RPer (AKA, noobiest):

Best RP plot:

Most creative Plot-Writer:

Scariest RP Master:

Most Devoted RPer:

Wordiest RPer:

Most Helpful RPer:

Most Annoying RPer:

Favorite RP Character (Male):

Favorite RP Character: (Female)

Funniest RP Character (Male):

Funniest RP Character (Female):

Most Realistic RPer:

Most Diverse RPer:

Most Creative RP Promotional Banner Designer:

The "Most Likelies"

Most Likely to Outsell J.K. Rowling's Books Someday:

Most Likely to Pick a Career where Little to No Writing is Required:

Most Likely to Revolutionize the Face of Roleplaying:

Most Likely to Start Their Own Forum:

Most Likely to Burn Out Their Caps Lock Button:

Most Likely to Have Their Gender Confused:

Most Likely to Drop a Pop-Culture Reference

Most Likely to Spend the Rest of Their Natural Life in Front of a Computer Screen:

And The Reason We Create Threads Like This In the First Place:

RPer Of the Month:

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