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Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
well i've done all that, but unlz-gba still sees it as having 256 colours (from the palette on the right-hand side), so i can't import it in! The sprite that i got was found on this website: in the pokemon d/p section. Following ur instructions, i still can't make the sprite fully indexed to be imported.
Did you go to Irfanview and decrease the colors to 16? Thats the only way that it can be imported into the ROM.

Quote originally posted by Gogz7314:
The only problem I have is resizing D/P sprites and making the main and back sprites use the same pallet.
Any advice?
Well in Unlz-Gba the backpic is the shiny form of the Pokemon, so they really shouldn't have the same pallete. You'll have to seperately index the sprite with IrfanView