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Originally Posted by Silhouette View Post
May I join? I really like Flygons..

Just out of curiosity, how active do you want members to be, cuz i'm going to be a little busy this spring.
Thats cool, you don't have to be that active but i do need you to post here and there.

Originally Posted by Quasar99 View Post
Yo! How bout me! I really like them cause they're in my permanent team in Emerald.
Yeah I've got a Flygon in my Emerald and it's level 100. Anyway welcome to the club
Originally Posted by Hanako Tabris View Post
Flygon! :o I lurve them! *huggles her plushie* I only raised one in the games, Andrew the Flygon on Coliseum. But I do have a few cards for the TCG games that I used to win tournaments, so I am a fan.

Plus, they're cute. x3

In case it isn't obvious, I'm wishing to join.
Yeah you can join, TCG cards eh?? hmm. I would love to have one in Coliseum

Originally Posted by ~Rene~ View Post
I willl join. Flygon is also my favourite Pokemon.

Cool Rene, you can join aswell.

Does anyone have any Topics? I'm stumped for any!