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Quote originally posted by zel:
And, isnt that the way it's working now, anyway?

It's simple to make that more realistic. Just increase the stats of the "poke team" to make it stronger than one poke. Talk about "team strength", if the "team strength" is 0, team is over... It makes sense to me.
And again, it's not like always battling with one poke (team in this case) will be boring. As the leveling up while doing combinations is what'll give some excitment to the game (Man... If we only could add more than 4 attacks the idea would be even better)

Well, it's up to you. I just got interested in the concept and wanted to put some of my creativity into it

No, it is not. The PLAYER has a CHIKORITA, PIKACHU and a TORCHIC to begin with... :\
Hm... Now that you mention it... I guess it could be nice.
Then again, I need to think of it further more. xD

Quote originally posted by Teh Baro:


Let n be the number of pokemon that he's going to put in teams of 3.
Since ABC != CBA (order matters) and elements can't be repeated, the number of total possible teams is variations of n elements taken in groups of 3, V(n,3)=n!/(n-3)!
Which is a large number unless n is a small number. For example, if you're putting 10 pokemon in teams, the total possible teams would be 10!/7!=10*9*8=720.

Without the "leading pokemon" thing (ABC=ACB=BAC=BCA=CAB=CBA, it'd be C(n,3)= n over 3 = n! / (3! * (n-3)!), which is a smaller number. For 10 pokemon, there'd be 10! / (3! * 7!) = (10*9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1)/(3*2*7*6*5*4*3*2*1)=(10*9*8)/(3*2)=10*3*4=120

Here's some wikipedia support

LOL! I understood merely half of the equation...
I love math, but I tend to forget things. xD

Quote originally posted by digitelanimefan:
Did I screw up? xD

Somehow I found an ultraball while playing (In the second mission area...somehwere.) and caught a Bellsprout to teach it cut. But hearing that we will get three other partners through events...erm, ya. O.o So first, why was there an ultraball on the ground if we're not supposed to use it? And second, how can I get rid of the bellsprout? xD

Wenks... *goes to check*
Wow... There was... Thanks for the report!

Quote originally posted by mitchman_93:
Lol catch the boss of the area and then were talking

Ahahah! LOL!


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