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*whistles* Wow, this promises to be a good hack if you can pull it off. I'm gonna download the beta now and see what's going on. I REALLY like the idea (all non-realisticness aside...since when has the Pokemon world seriously gone much on realistic ideas?) of getting amnesia and having to go through things again. If I can help in anyway, please, let me know. I'm a novice, but hey, I can do some overworlds for you, at least and beta-test.

A question and idea...

1. How does slowpoke evolve and will you give the player a choice between slowbro or slowking since they can't trade?
2. Perhaps the mom can be changed so after she tells you you're an amnesiac (like after she says she's worried about sending you out), she'll heal your Pokemon like the other helps at the beginning

BTW, I think the dead-end part is where you have to go from the grass to the tiny brown cliff. While it isn't actually a dead-end, traditionally, brown cliff means can't go, so that might be it. Took me a minute or two to figure it out