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Quote orignally posted by Wichu:
Some more exbeples. It now also works on tha front sprites, and shouldn't be tao hard ta do on tha back, but I just need ta make tha graphics.

Oh, and I'm respritng tha player characters - tha female traner is below. Tha leftmost one is tha default one.

I've fixed tha left (her right) leg now, so ignore it.
Wichu, I have ta tell you...

Next ta Pokemon Acanthite, Pokemon Tha Lost World, and Pokemon Raptar...

Dis is one of mah favorites <3
Seven weeks until I graduate

Most certanly gong ta die

I'm so tired of readng and writng papers.

Dis is God's way of punishng me

At least I'm gittng married dis summer

I'm gong ta need a job

Tha hell is you readng thase fo?