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Hm, this is probably the hardest thing to write that I have ever written, so if it doesn't make sense when you first read it, I advise you to read it again.


Chapter Three – Mind Games

It was never easy for the being in question to describe its state of mind. Who would it be describing it to, anyways? No one in particular. After all, only the being was on this plane of thought. It knew that it used to be somebody or something before it was trapped in the limbo that it currently resides in. Well, not a limbo, but some sort of time distortion, from what it could tell. There was no day nor night where the being was being held. There was no rooms or buildings either. No people or emotions. Just the darkness and itself. As far as the being could tell, this limbo stretched on for eternity, going onto nothing, going onto everything. It had thought of walking away from the place it was being held, but it decided that it was safe where it was. Who knows what could happen three of four steps down long and winding road?

Tell me, Mewtwo, what is it like knowing you are the key? A voice, a sound, echoed throughout the being’s head, so to say, the blackness. It felt, or saw, something blacker within the black, ever moving, not going near it, just watching. What was this? The being had never been contacted by anything as far as it could remember. Why was the chain being broken now? What was so special about this day, that made it stand out from all the others, the day that someone or something spoke to the lonesome being?

The being stared into the blackness, hoping to find, see and hear the voice a second time. No one has called me Mewtwo in a very long time. The clone replied. Mewtwo didn’t speak, its mind uttered syllables. Up until now the experiment had always thought that it was being held somewhere against its will, but when it looked down, it could not see its arms, its three digits that were meant to be fingers or its body. It seemed to Mewtwo that he wasn’t there at all. Mewtwo stopped wondering about where it was and concentrated on the voice or, rather, what was the voice and why wasn’t it replying to the clone?

Can you remember anything, Mewtwo? Anything about the past, or are you just an empty shell, nothing but a shadow of your former self? The voice was beginning to unnerve Mewtwo. Its questions were too fast. Mewtwo stared at the black space in front of him, hoping something would appear or materialise to provide answers. What was going on? The clone seemed to be out of its mind.

I remember… Some things. Mewtwo replied uncertainly. The Pokèmon wasn’t sure as to how it managed to reply without a body to make sound but it did and the sound rang throughout the blackness. Other things… Should be left forgotten. I am not an empty shell, but I am not the full being I used to be, I am weaker than I was. Mewtwo stopped talking or thinking, rather. Why should it reveal anything to this strange entity? What’s one of the first things that all people and Pokèmon are taught when they enter this world? Never talk to strangers.

But you know so much more than that, Mewtwo. A black figure resembling a horse began to materialise in front of Mewtwo. You know so much more than you are letting on. Do you know who I am? Do you know who you are? Do you know what you are? The head looked like a human’s with something red around its neck that Mewtwo could only describe as a balaclava. There seemed to be white cream where the stranger’s hair should have been. A black cloak covered the figure’s back, making it stand on all four legs.

Stop… Mewtwo’s head was beginning to hurt. Please, stop… This was pain beyond anything the clone could imagine. The materialisation of the stranger seemed to have some effect on Mewtwo its head felt like it was cracking. What head? Mewtwo didn’t have a head, did it? Why are you doing this to me? Mewtwo screeched. The sound that emitted sounded like a screech, at least. Mewtwo couldn’t make a sound as it didn’t have a body.

I am Darkrai. The figure told him. We have much to cover in such a small amount of time, but you’re not going to help unless you pull yourself together. Darkrai watched the darkness, waiting for something to happen. Ah, but you don’t know what to do, do you? Darkrai smiled to itself. Come now, Mewtwo, you have to remember what you used to look like and make yourself appear. The overlord of darkness rotated around the spot where Mewtwo’s energy was radiating from.

Mewtwo decided to listen to the Pokèmon. It visualised his head resembling a skull and a cord that was his neck. The cord ran down all the way to his chest which some would mistake for ribcages and no fat at all. The clone’s arms came down from the shoulders and ended with two hands that had three digits at the end of them. The legs stretched down and his feet hit the black ground. Its skin looked like white rubber and the only thing it was missing was the purple tail that appeared as soon as it remembered it. Why did I have to do that? Mewtwo asked. Where am I?

You really don’t remember, do you? For a fraction of a second Darkrai felt sympathy forming for the pathetic creature in front of him. At a second look, the legendary noticed that Mewtwo’s right leg was much to chubby then it used to be and that Mewtwo’s left eye was the wrong way round. Darkrai didn’t bother to point this out. Mewtwo, I don’t really know how to say this so I’ll just throw it out into space; you are comatose. We are inside your mind. You are dying. The entity was unsure of how to continue. Do you recall a man named Giovanni?

Mewtwo looked up and felt rage rush up inside of it. The man responsible for my existence? There is no way I would ever forget Giovanni. Mewtwo began to pace around Darkrai, muttering to itself, thinking about Giovanni and why it was trapped inside its own mind. Why am I trapped inside myself? Mewtwo decided to ask the obvious question. Is this some sort of punishment for something I have done or is this an unjust act by someone, trying to do something to me?

Darkrai liked Mewtwo, but the legendary was thoroughly evil and so couldn’t really be held responsible for its actions should they be a bit mean spirited. Darkrai laughed cruelly. Mewtwo, you were attacked a few months ago by Team Rocket. They only wanted to capture you, try to harness your powers or so Giovanni told them. In truth, the weapon he gave his operatives was much more than a stunning devices, no, he wanted you dead. You fought back, of course. Killed an operative, Cassidy, I think her name was. It seemed that against all odds, you were going to defeat the squadron of Rockets that Giovanni had sent after you, until one brave agent, who’s name we still haven’t found out yet, ran behind you and hit you in the back of the head with the so-called stunning device.

I fell. Mewtwo remembered the fall. The clone was levitating, high up in the air, maybe fifty feet or so, when something solid hit its head. I fell in an arched position. Mewtwo recalled thinking about how much it would hurt when its head hit off the ground just about a fraction of a section before the point of impact.

Yes, you fell. Darkrai replied. The agents thought they had killed you, which really wouldn’t have been efficient for Giovanni. Once they realised you were still alive, just unconscious, they drove you back to the Rocket Headquarters. My sources aren’t sure about what happened after that but you obviously went comatose and Giovanni hooked you up on a life support machine, which tells us that he doesn’t want you dead. Darkrai levitated a few feet off the ground. Giovanni wants you because you’re the key which is a very important factor for Operation Main Frame.

Mewtwo glanced up, curious. What is Operation Main Frame?

Darkrai lowered itself back to the ground. Giovanni has eight friends and they have all joined together for a project that they call Operation Main Frame. They believe that they can capture all of the Legendary Pokèmon. No, don’t ask me how, I don’t know. But apparently you’re the key, that much I’ve figured out by infiltrating Giovanni’s mind. Darkrai lowered its head. You’re comatose, Mewtwo. There’s nothing I can do to help you. Giovanni will probably dispose of you when he’s finished with you. He needs you for Operation Main Frame, maybe without you his project can’t happen. I don’t know. The one thing I do know is that we cannot allow him to get away with Operation Main Frame and if that means having to get rid of you, so be it.

Mewtwo looked up, its eyes were wide with shock. You wish to kill me? There was no way the clone’s life was just going to end like that, was there? But, you have no proof that he needs me, or that my death will help our kind in any way. Mewtwo knew that there was no chance of it outsmarting Darkrai, but it couldn’t just give up on its life.

I’m sorry, Mewtwo. Darkrai appeared to be frowning. Myself and Giratina have discussed these matters already. If the demon can, it will try to save you by bringing you to its domain. It’s the best we can offer for now.

And if I reject this offer of yours? Mewtwo raised one of its hands, showing a black sphere hovering inches over one of its digits.

If you reject, I will have no choice but to destroy you. Darkrai knew that its explanations were illogical and too fast for Mewtwo to understand, but there was no time to waste and it had to end like this. Darkrai rolled over to dodge the dark ball Mewtwo had thrown towards the Legendary. No, Mewtwo. With those two words, Darkrai vanished. The overlord of darkness had left Mewtwo’s mind.

Mewtwo sat down and wondered how long it had until its body shut down due to Darkrai’s doing.
'It's been a prevalent notion. Fallen sparks. Fragments of vessels broken at the Creation. And someday, somehow, before the end, a gathering back to home. A messenger from the Kingdom, arriving at the last moment. But I tell you there is no such message, no such home -- only the millions of last moments . . . nothing more. Our history is an aggregate of last moments.'
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