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Update: {Features to Make Life Easier}---
[Blogging Style]

Okay, first:
{Color-Coded System}
When playing through Tree of Peace, you'll notice certain text is in a different color. This is to help people differentiate between important information and regular NPC talk. At this point, the colors are:
[x]Blue = Male speech [i.e. I am a guy.]
[x]Red = Female speech [i.e. I am a girl.]
[x]Black = Neutral speech (either male or female) [i.e. I am one of Professor Basil's Aides.]
Orange = Important people [i.e. Go talk to Sheriff Dan.]
[x]Green = Important places [i.e. This is the Train Depot.]
[x]Purple = Important game text or item [i.e. Kawaii, Inc. received an award!/Did you know that Card Key opens locked doors?]

Which brings us to:

{No More Capitalized Words}
I never liked how Nintendo always capitalized Place Names, Items, People, and especially...Traded Poké
mon's nicknames... (Shame, Nintendo, SHAME!) So, from now on, places, people, etc. will be capitalized as regular words (with the Color-Coded System) Actual Pokémon names will be changed...eventually (i.e. TOTODILE, PIKACHU, etc.)
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