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Ok what the hell is this sites problem? I released info as far as i think is needed and i see no problems with it. I mean if you want more info then ill give some. Ill have 4 regions instead of 4. The champion island is cancelled and now each region has its own tourney. With only 4 regions you have 96 badges with an extra 4 that belong to the master trainers of thwe regions. The story in the prsent spreads from searching from the missing proffesor oak in a much altered hoenn finding out about his death chasing the murderer to almaria finding out who he is and the story finishing off by goin back and forth through johto kanto with a mixed order of how you get both regions badges and everything is topped off by goin to tohjo falls soruce of water at the cliff of mount platinum. Mount platinum is a mountain of 3 that resides southeast of mount silver in johto and southwest of mount gold in the kanto region. There you awaken the 3 pixies and gain the spear key. With that you "unlock" giratinas tomb which resides directly underneath the battle frontier! And all this is done by the killer of oak which is also the master behind all 4 evil teams. Galactic in almaria( in the game it will be a different sinnoh) magma/aqua and rocket.
Now if thats not enough info to keep you all satisfied for whats to come then im sorry but hell your all rude.
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