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hey Zel, on beta 5, after you beat tha last gym n johta (dragon one) you r sent ta look fo dragon fang rite? anyways... a found a shawty "bug" while dong so: i had mah nventary FULL so when i gots ta "pick up" tha dragon fang.. it said mah nv was full... but still tha gym leader would come... rap her lnes gimme da badge n tha TM.. so i said... wow.. funny i didnt pick it up... n when i picked it up agan (after tassng an item) a "ghost" (cuz no one really appeisd) started ta rap ta me, gave me da badge n da TM agan... i restarted tha gbee just ta c if i could do it over n over... n i actually could...

Not that dragon breath is such a BOOTYLICIOUS TM... but could sell some of those fo money :p gots like 50..... tha prob is tha scrypts isnt lookng fo u ta actually "posses" tha item... thay rathar activate thamselves when u press A buttan on dat tile... at least thats da feelng i git...