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[Advanced Generation]
Simple Question & Answer Thread

Welcome to the Advanced Generation Simple Question & Answer thread! This thread is really freakin' old and has been serving its purpose well. If you need help finding Sableye in Sapphire or if you're lost in the Sevii Islands on FireRed, this is the thread to ask! Just post whatever questions you may have, and someone will come along and answer it for you.

So basically, just post asking whatever question you might have. Other members will come along and give you answers if there is one, and there you go! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the moderator of this section.


→ This thread is for asking simple questions about any of the Advanced Generation games (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen). If you have a question about any of the other games, check out their own respective forums.

→ Before posting in here, please check Google, Bulbapedia, or Serebii. It will be a lot faster.

→ All of the PokéCommunity rules apply to this thread~

→ All of the General Pokemon Gaming Discussion rules are in tact as well.

→ Do not make a post asking why people haven't answered your question. Give it time, eventually somebody will come along and answer it.

→ This is not a help thread for hacks or for giving out Action Replay/Gameshark codes! If someone asks for them, point them to Emulation or Google. Or an LP on YouTube.


April 25, 2011
lol hay aegis i c wut u did thar the otha day!11!1 lmao (Also I updated this with more coherent rules and updated links and ponies and Christmas decorations. I hope you like it! ...What IS this here for anyway?)

April 19 2011
Kind of surprised this is still here. Wonder if anybody will notice I put another announcement here haha. (What was the point of this anyway?)
December 28 2008
The thread is finally started! After what... a month of putting off writing it up? In the end it actually didn't take as long as I though, I just nabbed the code I used off the Pokemon claim thread, keke. The announcements here will mainly be used for if I decide to update the rules, and that's about it.

... I hope somebody gets the color references here. Red for Ruby, blue for Sapphire... :[ (moderator note: Nope, this is obviously for Red and Blue. You have failed us in color coding! And where's Emerald? SO RUDE.)

Orginally written by Aegis.

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