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i just got back into the game and i am wondering if my old deck is legal with the new rules. Here is my deck list, rate it while your at it too.

Pokemon 20
4 Pikachu E Promos 012
4 Dark Raichus (Team Rocket)
4 Rocket's Zapdos (Gym Challenge)
2 Picchus (Neo Genesis)
2 Cleffas (Neo Genesis)
2 Sneasels (Neo Genesis)
2 Murkrow (Neo Genesis)

Trainers 16
4 Professor Elms (Neo Genesis)
3 Gold Berries (Neo Genesis)
3 Computer Search (Base Set)
3 Life Herbs (Hidden Legends)
3 Steven's Advice (Hidden Legends)

Energy 24
20 Lightning Energy
4 Dark Energy (Ruby and Sapphire)

There you go, tell me what you think about it and tell me if it is still legal.
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