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Here is my newest sprite I've been working on. It's once again my RP character Raizou. This time though I have an all new style and purpose. I've finally been able to shrink the size of my sprites down. I was attempting to do it in the style of Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 for the GBA. It's a Japanese only spin off of the 'Tales of' series. I'm told it doesn't quite match that style. I seem to not be able to imitate style very well, since I can't seem to imitate Pokemon or 'Tales of'. I guess I don't mind that too much, I'm ok with having my own style.

This version of Raizou has a few small changes though. He is not wearing his gauntlets in this sprite. I did this moreso out of laziness though. Gray gauntlets holding a gray axe over gray chain mail is kind of hard to see, so I decided to not go with the hassle and just make him gauntletless. He also does not have belts going over his chest like normal. Instead his shield I'll just say is being held up by the belt across his waist. I didn't want to cover the chest I worked so hard on by them, so that's why I omitted him.

I plan on making multiple frames for this guy. The idea is I want him to be put into a fighting game. This is probably just his basic standing pose. Obviously I'm far from being now, but I got the first sprite out of the way. C+C would be greatly adored since I consider this one of my best works yet, and I want it just to get better and better.
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