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Quote originally posted by TwilightBlade:
Suicune's nature is set as soon as you talk to Bill's friend and put in the Ruby and Sapphire, which enable the Network (thing? to trade between RSE & ColoXD). You wouldn't be able to Synchronize either.
I don't quite understand what you mean here. I was talking about the Suicune in FireRed.
Quote originally posted by TwilightBlade:
Well actually, Synchronize only works in Emerald and DPPt. It wouldn't work on Mewtwo or the bird trio at all. XD
You'll just have to reset when giving the stones and hope for a good Suicune.
It doesn't work in FR and LG? Drat.
And what do you mean by 'giving the stones?'
Quote originally posted by J£¡zåя∂27:
Hmm, didn't know Synchronize didn't have that effect until Emerald.

Yeah, I was saying that you couldn't use Synchronize on a poke that had a sprite outside of the battle (Mewtwo, Birds, etc.) and that stood still.

Oh I didn't know that. Is that true for all the games?

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