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The pokemon detector world map.
Well, you people might think, what the hell is the pokemon detector world map?
well it's the small map that showing you where you can find wild pokemon in your pokedex.
I'll try to explain you how to change it inclusive screenshots.
This might only work on Fire red.
enjoy ^^

Programs you'll need
FSF (Free Space Finder)
XSE or HEX calculator
Your rom

Step 1: Open unLZ.gba and find the world map on 16 collor mode/ Black and white!. try to find the world map between the codes: 314-330. you'll see small part from the map click on the + or - untill it's seems like this.

Step 2: Save your map, it'll be the best if you save it like .png you map will see like this in paint. if you want to create your own map in this, Hold the same collors and do not change them!.

After you've created your own map it'll looks a bit like this:

Don't steal this map, it's for pokemon dark cry the legend of giratina! and .jpg isn't pretty.

Step 3: Open your unLZ.gba again and go to your world map again. now it's time to insert ^^ open your world map and click on the follow buttons: 'Inport Image', 'Auto abort' and 'Fix pointers' it might will save 'Compressed size is: ... Which is to big. Aborting.' if this not happend your world map is already inserted. if this will happend then follow the follow instructions.

Step 4: Open your Hex calculator or in my option XSE. Because it has a hex calculator.
Do you remember the 'Compressed size is: ... Which is to big. Aborting.' the number that has been located on the ..., that one must be written in de HEX calculator after you did this click on the DEC. function and a follow number will be showed 'Example: 900'

Step 5: Open now your FSF (Free Space Finder) and open your rom. now the functions will be able to use. now change the 64 that has been locted right of the 'Needed Bytes' to 900 (if you don't know what i mean with 900 look back at step 4) now click on search and copy the offset that will be selected.

Step 6: Ok great ^^ now we have the offset, now go to your unLZ.gba again and find your map again. now repeat what you did on step 3, I repeat: inport your world map and click on 'Write to rom' and click on the follow buttons: 'Inport Image', 'Auto abort' and 'Fix pointers' Do never click on inport pallet it'll screw up your game. Ok now paste your offset in 'Image offset' behind the 00.... (screen)
Now click on OK.

Step 7: Now it'll say: ''Ptr found at 00...... Changed.'' if this shows up you can be happy because you repoint and inserted the world map correct.
*NOTE* on the ..... will be stand the new offset like example: 00235CEC

Step 8: Open now your hack. After you've recieved your pokedex, or you just script it xD
It'll looked like this:

*NOTE* I still need to figure out how you can change the route line of the wild pokemon location ^^

That was all
© Mitchel1 Do not claim this tutorial like you've made it/place it on other site without premision.

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