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Originally Posted by ~Teh Panda~ View Post
So he knows your names only SCV. "SCV"
Ah, ok.

Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
I do not have any interest in D/P/P, so hacking it is more like a chore. However, once the new games come out I will enjoy hacking them and will want to hack.

Thanks for caring.
I think that this ties in very well into the evolution of Pokemon ROM Editing. Or rather the lack thereof. There is no such thing as hacking DPP vs hacking HG/SS. There is only DS Pokemon game hacking.

However, this only works if the right approach is taken, which hasn't been done except in very few cases. There is a considerable number of DP Editing tools. However, almost none of them works for platinum and the makers of those programs have not made them compatible with platinum. Why? Because they were not made as DS Pokemon Game Editors. The idea that editing any one of the DS Pokemon Games is the same as any other has not caught on. That is something that has to happen before more people start developing DS hacking (Saying DPPHGSS Hacking will be too long).

Yes, I will like HG/SS more than DPP but I know what when it comes out all I have to do is edit a few numbers and names and PPRE will work for HG/SS as well.
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