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What do you like about Shinji/Paul?: He'sdifferent, (not completely cookie-cuter), interesting, and acts like peole would actually act if they were serious about getting to the top. Not to I'm very impressed by the amount of badges he has! When Paul turns up, it always becomes an episode worth watching!

Why did you join?: Why not? Paul's cool, and I like clubs! (totally vague answer...). Not to mention the pretty CSS. I think it's pretty good.

How active will you be?: Well, it's the Summer Holidays and even though I was considering knitting a scarf, I'm going to give up on that and end up logging onto PokéCommunity...

Who is your partner Pokémon?: Elekid!

Partner Pokémon Nickname (Optional): Mr. Jangles.

Satoshi Drools, Shinji Rules!