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Originally Posted by FinalZero View Post
I meant one of the slots after celebi. Also, it's don't thinks it's Missingo that's before bulbasaur. Why would they purposely import a glitch like that? I don't know what it's supposed to be though. Maybe just a placeholder for the ? graphic? According to, it has a pokedex entry also; I'm not really sure what it's use is. Call is Missongno if you want, but it's not the same and I'd argue that it'd be a misnomer.

Tell me, what happens when you try to view the pokedex entry for the pokemon you inserted then?
Originally Posted by tpravetz View Post
I usually just avoid the first "???????" spot. I just assume that it serves as and importance there... Hmmm. Tell me what happens -DarK-.
Well, there's no Pokedex entry (the entry that got "used" [wasn't actually used, there was no info on it] is the pokemon which is currently the last one in your pokedex, which my case was a rattata), but the pokemon/game itself doesn't gets glitched up. I managed to insert it correctly (sprite, backsprite, shiny, icon, etc), but there's only one thing I'm having problems with: the cry. The cry is still the same as the Unown, and honestly, I have no idea how to change it without glitching the game. I tried using PokeCryGUI (included with Elite Map) but it glitched up my game's music and sounds.
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