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Very nice tutorial! I agree that it works best for someone who already has some mapping knowledge, like where you say to think about the space that the hero sees. A complete beginner might not fully understand how border blocks work yet or know how many tiles to the left, right, top, and bottom you can see in GBA around the hero. But for mappers that know the basics, this is a good tutorial.

Good work on this. :D

Quote originally posted by Rocka210:
How do you add tilesets

Please respond

Responding. You're welcome.

This isn't the place to ask, kid. Try the "Simple Questions" thread. It's for questions that are simple. The title might have thrown you off, since you probably didn't expect a thread with a title like "Simple Questions" to be a place where you ask simple questions. Now you know.

This is a tutorial on how to make maps, not insert tilesets.


This one is my hack.

This one is the hack I part-time map for.

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