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Originally Posted by koopaman View Post
well, i been reading this and is there a team like rocket or galatic?
Yep; if you read the first post, you'll see that there is an 'evil team' known as the Necros Organization.
Originally Posted by L_Judah View Post
but anywho...this game looks great. I especially love the menu. The starter pokemon look pretty cool especially Charcub.
Its name was actually changed to Ignicub a while ago; I just haven't got around to updating the userbars until now
Originally Posted by Aelous View Post
You have to pay for RPG Maker XP, but you can get a trial from a bunch of sites... here is the official site for XP:
Also, keep in mind that you need the RTP to play test games or to play most RPG Maker-made games.
Actually, it's possible to disable the RTP dependency. You won't need to download anything separately to play Amethyst.
Originally Posted by TheRexion View Post
Hey Wichu do you need any more Spriters to Sprite NPC's,
I would like to help out, If you need an example of my ability working
with your Template, I will put them up
Mind PMing me them? I do need one or two more OW spriters...
Originally Posted by giraman View Post
One of the best games I've seen here. I support this 100%! But this is such a huge project. Would you mind if I make a forum if you haven't, to organize this even farther?
I already have a development forum; the link is in my signature. I'm thinking about setting up a website for this game later, too; I'll create a better forum then.

Anyway, I haven't posted here in a while On the bright side, I have a lot of free time for a few weeks, so I'll try and get the demo of this finished. Don't count on it, though

I've done a bit of housekeeping of this thread. I updated the first post with a couple more screenshots, although you've probably seen most of them before. I also added descriptions of two new areas.
You might have noticed that I've changed a couple of names; firstly, 'Team Necro' has been changed to 'Necros Organization'. I don't think 'Team' sounds sinister enough. Secondly, the route names have been changed. As Amethyst has no relation to Johto, I didn't think it was necessary to continue Nintendo's route numbering scheme from 47; instead, I've opted for an approach used in the Sevii Islands in FR/LG - I've given each route a unique name rather than just a number.
Lastly, I've finally gotten around to updating the starter userbars with their new designs. If you can't see a difference, try clearing your cache. Also, if any of you already have one of the old ones, there's no need to change it - it should now show the new one (again, clear your cache if it doesn't) :D

So, what was the minigame I was talking about last time? You should have guessed it by now; it's appeared in every official game so far.

That's right; I've created a slot machine script Now the Coin Case is no longer a useless item!
I actually started making this as a reaction to Nintendo of Europe removing the slot machines from European versions of Platinum, which in my opinion, is a bit silly. Nobody's complained for over 10 years, so why remove them now?

I really need to start working on Amethyst regularly again I've just had exams, and I've been relaxing for the past week or two, not really doing anything productive