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Originally Posted by Konekodemon View Post
Pokemon Crystal Glass: In the japanese version of Pokemon Crystal how do I go about getting the GS Ball? I don't need to really connect to a cell phone do I? Cause I'm playing it on a Rom.
From Bulbapedia:
In Pokémon Crystal

In the Japanese version of Pokemon Crystal, players could use the Pokemon Mobile System to obtain a GS Ball as an event item which they could take to Ilex Forrest. Using it at the forest's shrine would prompt an encounter where a wild Celebi could be captured. However, no equivalent event was ever offered to players of the English version of the game. Some game-enhancing devices, however, such as the GameShark, can be used to generate the GS Ball right in the player's bag in both languages.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news D:, unless there is a GameShark for