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Yeah it should belong here:

I guess to get into specifics, each new dialogue from a character is a new paragraph, for example:

"Hey Dawn, where are you off today?" Professor Smith asked, whilst working on his latest project.

"I was thinking to go to town, to pick up some food." She answered, watching the Professor's work.


So aside from the paragraph spacing, I added a bit of description of what the Professor was doing. It doesn't strictly have to be actions either, had I established the setting earlier, I could further describe above, or I could leave it strictly as dialogue, like that they are just talking to each other, nothing more.

Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to review a few other people's fics. And even though it is your first fic, remember to keep it exciting for the reader. Usually OT fics have to be pretty well done to be interesting, because there are so many of them.
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