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Originally Posted by Doom Chaos View Post
My previous question was skipped, and it is important in my opinion. I really don't understand what do to if I want to insert the Intro sprites correctly.
When I insert them, it begins fine, but after entering a name, it becomes screwy. I asked this earlier and I got answers that didn't really help me like
"use this program" or "fix it". Please, help me for this one.
Okay, now things changes. The intro sprite is in 256-color mode, assuming you're hacking FR/LG. And when you import it through unLZ, you don't have to export the palette. Instead, you just export the image, and edit the palette later one, for example using APE.

Originally Posted by Misty Sama View Post
are there any tutorials on how to change them through asm?
Not really, sorry. However, can I suggest you reading my ASM lesson?

Originally Posted by AaronB View Post
Another question from me!

So, i dug up the pokewich folder that i saved into a backup and put it into my C: folder. I have made a script (it is saved as .rbc) but when i right click it the compile option won't come up (but it did before) I have the BufRite and poketscript things aswell, whats wrong?
It's just PokeScript, you should use XSE instead.