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Shiny Eevee and the Eeveelutions project l was working on from May 2009 l have now finished on all the natures that are perfect for the Eeveelution and have extra natures left over and all (l think all l have about 40 Eevee's with random natures) other natures
Perfect Natures As Follows;

"Timid, Brave, Cam, Careful, Modest, Bold, Adamant"

These are the perfect natures for as following Eeveelution in order of above

"Jolteon, Flareon Vapoeron Umberon Espeon Glaceon Leafeon"

Not looking for anything big, but these are ready for EV'ing and Shiny so l would like a good offer say an EV'ed Pokémon or something Shiny ect, also as of request will include the Stone to evolve or 1 rare candy to give to evolve beside stone.

l do not know there "IV's" so don't ask, if needed to know ask stats and you can work it out

l have had someone clone me the Eveelution so l have them all evolved & EV'ed so l own the clones, any that is traded will be the non cloned verson.
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