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Originally Posted by Screw the rules, I have green hair! View Post
Favourite Male:
3| Ctep, Alice. (4)

Favourite Pair:
3| FallenNocturne x Lightning, Alice. x Vrai, Break. x Kaori (2)

Best Hacker:
1| Alice. (7)

Best Game Designer:
1| Alice., Chibi Robo, <~FMP~>, HallofFamer, Neo-Dragon, Wichu, zel 2.0

3| Alice., Amachi, Aoriaku, Dark_Azelf, Fox, Patchisou Yutohru, ¿Question Kiyoshi-Crayon?, Sublime, TwilightBlade, Went (2)

Member of the Month:

1| Alice. (6)

Male of the month: Won it before, third place works for me ^_^
Favourite Pair: I would be grateful, if I was paired with Vrai >:
Best Hacker: kthnx guys :DDD
Best Game Designer: What? I've never done this in my life.
Funniest: Ooh pretty.
Member of the month: I win, yey.

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