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Quote originally posted by cheye40:
i try to play pokemon eruption on vba but it dont works what have i to do now????¿¿¿¿¿
Which ROM did you use?
Most importantly, what do you mean by it "dont work?"

Offtopic: Wow, your first post was actually in my thread? Cool!

Quote originally posted by Spherical Ice:
I'm downloading this as I type.

It looks... epic? No, that's an understatement!

-votes in HOTM-

Wait... I'm in the credits? Cool!

It will be epic
This is not just, a hack. It's kind of like a story. Oh, and have fun playing it!
Thanks for the compliments and vote.

Quote originally posted by mazot2:
Looks like an awsome hack so far,
Im supporting it :D ,
Im gonna test it i'll post back when its finished.

Quote originally posted by Curged:
Wow, great job with the side-event, hope you get it to work like that well.
Hopefully I do get it to work also. I encountered a problem and the only solution is to wait for a guide to be released

Quote originally posted by LinK93:
hmmm another hack with the silver... this one looks good
Thanks! May I add that I was the first hack with Silver?

Quote originally posted by M0NST3RJ03:
I love the new side-event, cant wait to play it!
I love it too. Thanks for commenting!
Quote originally posted by Pokestick, good times.:
Of course it does! This hack is absolutely awesome! That's just all I have to say :\

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
Nope it isn't finished.
Cooley just completed beta 1 and working on beta 2
Well, it's actually Beta 2.. But no harm done, right?

Quote originally posted by Ho-ohHeartGold:
Hey dude I like the titlescreen! Also, I like the Silver backsprite and Paul Sprite!
That titlescreen was and still is a pain >_< Lol. It's not completely finished, and thanks for the complements!