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Welcome! I am going to show you how to fully edit the Fire Red Titlescreen.
Tools Needed:
IrfanView (or suitable substitute)
Photoshop/GIMP(you can get gimp completely free at
Paint (or suitable substitute)
NTME(latest version)

~UPDATE~: I found out that your background TileSET width needs to be less than 256px.

To hack the titlescreen you first need to know the offsets in unLZ.GBA. I list them here.
2009- Pokémon FireRed logo (256 colors)
2010- Pokémon FireRed logo TileMap
2011- Charizard Sprite
2012- Charizard Sprite TileMap
2013- Gamefreak Copyright image
2014- Gamefreak Copyright image TileMap

This tutorial will be split into 3 parts.
Part 1: The Charizard
Part 2: The Background
Part 3: The Logo

PART 1: The Charizard

The Charizard I think is the easiest part. First off, you need an indexed sprite of the pokémon you want to insert. I will use the Platinum First-frame Latios from

^This sprite^

Open the Image in IrfanView.

Click [Image]->[Decrease Color Depth] and select 16 colors (4bpp)

The sprite should look the same. Now go to [Image]->[Palette]->[Edit Palette…]
Mine looks like this:

For mine, all you do is edit the first color, (The one that is highlighted) make it bright green and it works fine. (With others, however, you may need to edit the palette more.)

Now, Export the Palette by going to [Image]->[Palette]->[Export Palette…] and save it as ‘latios.pal’ or something.

Now save your image.

Right-click your image and select [Properties]. Go to summary, and it should look like the next image.
The only thing that matters here is ‘Bit Depth’ it MUST be 4.

Now you need to open up NTME. Go to [File]->[Open TileSet] and select your sprite.

You ‘re going to want to select the whole image by clicking the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons in the ‘Tile Selection’ pane.

Click the ‘Preset Sizes’ drop-down box and select FR/LG TS.
You will want to arrange the sprite so it is on the middle right-hand side of the TileMap.

Now for the PaletteMap THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! You MUST cover at least the sprite in D tiles.

Now Goto [File]->[Save TileMap] and save it in the same directory as the sprite. Call it ‘latios.raw’ or something.

Now is the easy part. Go back to unLZ.GBA and goto 2011.
It should look like this:

Click ‘Import’ and select the Latios sprite.

Now click ‘Write to Rom’.

Leave this alone and click ‘OK’. It should work.
Now goto 2012. And click [File]->[Load Raw…] and select your TileMap. (I saved it as latios.raw) And click ‘Write to Rom’.

It’s basically the same with the first one. Just leave it alone and click OK. It should also work.
Now, leave unLZ.GBA open and open the ROM in VBA or No$gba. The titlescreen image will look wrong.

That is because we haven’t edited the Palette yet. Open APE and open your ROM. Goto ‘00EAD5E8’ (Charizard Titlescreen palette)

Click on the button in the bottom right-hand corner witht the arrow that is facing left. Select your palette.

If you get an error like this one:

Then click the spoiler

Just keep trying until you get this with an error like 'Runtime Error 13':

The palette is loaded, but the application crashed. DON’T MOVE! Press Ctrl+PrintScreen on your keyboard. Open Paint. Press Ctrl+V. You should be able to see the bottom palette in your screenshot.
Now, Re-Open APE and open your ROM. Go back to 00EAD5E8 and in the bottom pane, copy the hex codes of the colors from the screenshot into the coresponding boxes in APE. Until it looks like this:

Now click ‘Replace’. Then, click ‘Load’ and the palettes should be the same.

Now open your ROM and it should look fine.

Congratulations! You have just sucessfully edited the Pokémon sprite in the FireRed Titlescreen!

PART 2: The Background

In part 1 you learned how to edit the Charizard sprite. Now, I’m going to use the same ROM and insert a background.

BACKGROUND NOTES: When making a background, make sure that the image width and height are divisible by 8. (The width and height of a tile)

The first thing you have to do is pick a background. Be sure to get one that loks fairly well in 16 colors.

I will be using this one:

I got it from (In Pokémon Platinum Battle Backgrounds. Credits to klnothincomin) However, their website is down ATM, so I couldn’t pick out a better one. :(
So, I’m going to let you download it by clicking on it. (I have already indexed the image. The black tile is for transparency. NOTE: The first color of the palette is the one that the GBA will use for transparency.)

Ok. What you need to do is make a TileMap with NTME. Make sure the ‘Preset Sizes’ is ‘FR/LG TS’. Select the whole thing and add it to the TileMap. Then arrange it so it looks like this:

Now for the PaletteMap. THIS IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT. All the tiles must be set at ‘E’ and only ‘E’. They cannot be set at F because you will have blinking stuff all over the place. So, just set it up like this:

Now save the tilemap as ‘background.raw’ or something. Now insert it into the ROM by opening unLZ.GBA and going to 2013.

Now, notice that I did not add any text to the image. There is no ‘Press Start’ I have not yet figured out how to make it blink with a background yet. (With my luck, I will probably figure it out like 10 minutes after I post this tutorial.) Anyway, replace the image with the background and click ‘Write to ROM.’ The image is way to big to begin with, so remember the hex size of the image. Here is an example:

Remember the ‘A60’ and open your ROM in FSF. Input the ‘A60’ into the hex box in the bottom right-hand corner of the window. The other box there should show you a number value instead of hex value, In my case it’s 2656 now, copy that and place it in the ‘Needed Bytes’ box. Make sure ‘Search from the beginning of the ROM’ is selected and click Search. Mine came up with ‘71E55C’. So, I copy that hex value, and go back to unLZ.GBA.

Back at unLZ.GBA click ‘Write to ROM’ again and make it look like this:

Yeah, just leave those two zeroes alone and click OK. It should come up with something like this:

Click OK. Now click Next. You should be at image number 2014.

Goto [File]->[Load Raw…] and select the TileMap you saved earlier. Then Click ‘Write to ROM’. If you get a size error, do the same thing that you did with the image. (It will work)

Now open the ROM in VBA. It will look like this:

See those screwy tiles in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen? I still can’t figure out how to get rid of them. (But don’t worry about it)
Now for palette editing.

Open the background in IrfanView and save the palette. Then Open APE and got to offset ‘00EAE094’ and load your palette in the bottom pane.
Click Replace and then click Load and it should look like this:

Open your ROM and It should look like this:

Now, those tiles on the bottom-left hand corner come up in all my bootscreens for some reason. I don’t know why. The same thing happens in these:

If anyone can tell me how to fix these, please notify me. I don’t think it has anything to do with NTME, but I’m not sure. I tried doing the TileMap in PTC and Cyclone too, and it still came up. If anyone has a solution to this, I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me. (Or I may come up with a solution myself)

Anyway, Congratulations! You have Successfully Edited the Background for the Fire Red Titlescreen!

I will add the rest of the tutorial later.
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