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Good Update
Well, first off, I apologize for not posting as much. School, my YGO! GX subbing, 5D's comparing, etc etc... Anyway, my Kris playthrough is finished, and I should've patched up any remaining glitches. And for the time being, Kris'll have no choice but to piggyback off of Gold's biking and surfing sprites. If and when a good spriter comes along, we'll hopefully have that all set up.

I'll upload the fixed, final revised demo for you guys to play through, and I'll get in touch with Shadow Pingu about the CBS.

Oh, and Neo-Dragon, if you're reading this, if you tried to reply to that last PM I sent you but couldn't, try again. I cleared up some space in my inbox a few days ago. XD

EDIT: Here's the link. *adds to first post*
(5D's 1-19 up; reposting in progress)
(RM2K3)(Stalled/Demo Up to E4 Out)