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Well I'm sure you're probably thinking the title sounds pretty stupid.

Anyways, this is a series of three hacks. Well, technically it's four hacks, but I'm not going to release one of them since I'm only making these for my own enjoyment. I want to fully bring out the story of the Pokemon games, and erase all continuity errors in the games. Basically, I'm going to create an "updated" version of Pokemon FireRed, Emerald, and HeartGold (and Platinum but I'm going to change so little in it that I'm not going to bother releasing it). Now I know many of you guys are thinking that doing this will be way too easy (it kinda is), but I'm not doing this to show off my "skills" (which I have none), I'm doing this for my own enjoyment. Because I realized that some of the Pokemon games are way too easy, so I'm "fixing" them, and once I get an AceKard for my Nintendo DS (and also a GBA flashcart), I can play these for my own enjoyment. So really, don't complain, since I'm only posting this to see what other people think.

Anyways, here's the hacks:

Pokemon FireRed
Hack of FireRed

So the FireRed hack has updated graphics so that the Kanto that appears resembles the HG/SS Kanto MUCH better. Also the Gym Leaders have updated rosters, Rocket Admins Athena and Apollo appear, and the Pokedex has been updated to include all evolutions/pre-evolutions of the Kanto Pokemon (for instance, Kingdra is now considered a Kanto Pokemon). Also generally every trainer has been updated to allow for a more smoother level curve.

Route 1
Viridian City
Pewter City (1)
Pewter City (2)
Vermilion City
Route 5
Route 14
Rocket Admin Athena would like to battle

Changed maps so far:
Route 1
Route 2
Route 5
Route 14
Viridian City
Pewter City
Vermilion City

Beta 0.1 (at bottom of post) - All of the changes I mentioned are in this. The only thing that isn't complete yet is the mapping, but other than that you can play all the way up to the Elite Four and even the Sevii Islands. Also Gengar has a new sprite just because I felt like making one .

Gym Leader/Elite Four/Team Rocket Teams (Don't click if you don't want to be spoiled!]
Gym Leaders:

Lv13 Geodude
Lv13 Rhyhorn
Lv15 Onix

Lv21 Gyarados
Lv21 Vaporeon
Lv23 Starmie

Lt. Surge:
Lv26 Voltorb
Lv26 Jolteon
Lv28 Raichu

Lv36 Victreebel
Lv33 Exeggutor
Lv36 Vileplume

Lv41 Muk
Lv42 Venomoth
Lv42 Tentacruel
Lv44 Weezing

Lv45 Espeon
Lv46 Mr. Mime
Lv46 Slowbro
Lv48 Alakazam

Lv48 Ninetales
Lv49 Rapidash
Lv50 Flareon
Lv51 Arcanine

Lv51 Marowak
Lv52 Golem
Lv53 Nidoking
Lv53 Nidoqueen
Lv55 Rhydon

Elite Four:

Lv53 Dewgong
Lv54 Cloyster
Lv54 Slowbro
Lv55 Jynx
Lv56 Lapras

Lv57 Steelix
Lv56 Hitmonchan
Lv56 Hitmontop
Lv56 Hitmonlee
Lv58 Machamp

Lv57 Muk
Lv58 Crobat
Lv58 Vileplume
Lv59 Arbok
Lv60 Gengar

Lv59 Gyarados
Lv60 Dragonair
Lv60 Dragonair
Lv61 Aerodactyl
Lv62 Dragonite

Your Rival:
Lv60 Fearow
Lv61 Machamp
Lv62 Rhydon
Lv63 Arcanine/Gyarados/Exeggutor
Lv63 Exeggutor/Arcanine/Gyarados
Lv65 Blastoise/Venusaur/Charizard

Team Rocket:

Rocket Admin Athena (Mt. Moon)
Lv17 Gastly
Lv17 Machop
Lv18 Oddish

Rocket Admin Athena (Celadon City)
Lv32 Haunter
Lv32 Machoke
Lv34 Gloom

Rocket Admin Athena (Saffron City)
Lv43 Gengar
Lv43 Machamp
Lv45 Vileplume

Rocket Admin Athena (Five Island)
Lv63 Gengar
Lv64 Machamp
Lv64 Arbok
Lv66 Vileplume

Rocket Admin Apollo (Mt. Moon)
Lv18 Abra
Lv18 Poliwag
Lv19 Zubat

Rocket Admin Apollo (Celadon City)
Lv34 Kadabra
Lv34 Poliwhirl
Lv36 Golbat

Rocket Admin Apollo (Saffron City)
Lv44 Alakazam
Lv44 Poliwrath
Lv46 Crobat

Rocket Admin Apollo (Five Island)
Lv66 Alakazam
Lv67 Poliwrath
Lv68 Crobat
Lv68 Houndoom

Giovanni (Celadon City)
Lv34 Rhyhorn
Lv35 Graveler
Lv36 Marowak

Giovanni (Saffron City)
Lv46 Rhyhorn
Lv45 Golem
Lv45 Marowak
Lv47 Nidoqueen


So Hoenn is a tropical region, right? So why not make it look more tropical? YES!!! Hoenn now resembles Platinum's tropical Battle Zone.

Littleroot Town
Route 101

Also all the Gym Leaders have updated teams, and so do Maxie and Archie. The level curve has also been slightly raised. I'll post a beta once I'm done editing all the trainers.


Obviously I'm not going to even start working on this until Spring 2010, when it gets released in the US. I'll update the Gym Leader/Elite Four teams, also Team Rocket teams and such.

HOWEVER, I have included a Crystal hack with updated Gyms + Elite Four + Team Rocket to give you a small preview of what the HG/SS hack will be!

I'll post updated team plans later.

Yes, I am planning a Platinum hack... but Platinum is a near-perfect game, the only thing I'll change is a few teams, so I might not even post it.

Remember, the Crystal hack is a "preview" of what my HeartGold hack is going to be.
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