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Originally Posted by Jesse[TB Pro] View Post
No see, he posted the full list of DP Pokemon. The Platinum sprites. That includes the Kanto Pokemon. I agree with Colorful Summer, it would make a great addition!
You mean make the Gen III games use Platinum sprites? Sorry, but that's not going to happen. Even though it would make a great addition, I want each game to have it's own set of sprites. If every game looked like Platinum's, then that would be boring. Every sprite I replace will be custom made by me (unless if I see a cool-looking sprite, then I'll ask the creator). I changed Gengar's sprite in FireRed because I didn't like the FR/LG sprite. Each game should have it's own set of sprites, not all of them being the same.

Though for FireRed, I will definitely change all the sprites of all the new Pokemon in the Kanto Dex (such as Crobat, Magby, Kingdra).
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