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Originally Posted by The Smell View Post
This looks great! I never thought there was anything like this out there for RPG Maker! Nice job! :D
Heh, thanks, dude.

Kinda/Sorta Update
I talked to Pingu a little while ago, and, due to him being swamped with coursework (preventing him from doing much more work on it), we settled on him making a little "tutorial" I'll use to work on the rest of the CBS and whatnot. I hopefully shouldn't have a problem working on it when he finishes it up, aside from my own schoolwork.

Other than that, I haven't done much new work on the game, to be honest, since I'm doing my YGO GX subbing and the 5D's comparisons on the side. I'm definitely thinking of getting around to planning out what I'll be doing for Johto's Trick House, and planning out that "surprise" I mention at the end of the revised demo (and it'd actually be a good idea, I'd imagine). I don't want to start mapping out Kanto yet, though, since I want to wait until the CBS is all worked out before that, so I'd release the revised demo + CBS when the time comes.
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