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Quote originally posted by Lucerine:
Welcome. My name is Lucerine(because one of my fakemon is named this), and I want to give you a rough draft of my game.

The region is called Tohoku, based of a japanese county, and its mountanious, heavily forested, and is 3 seperate continents.

All I have is the starters, beginning towns, name of the characters, and the Evil team.(names, not pictures sadly), so here they are.
The Starters:
LEAFERYX, The Grass-Type Starter, is the Archaeopteryx Pokemon
SMOKUB, The Fire-Type Starter, is the Lion Cub Pokemon
SURFIN, The Water-Type Starter, is the Fin Pokemon(its a sword/sailfish-like Pokemon)

The Towns:
Primrose Town
Twistroot Town
Evergreen City
Hollowlog City - location of first Gym

The Evil team's name is Team Chaos, an organization bent on wreaking havoc on the Tohoku Region. The characters names are Kyle and Emma. The Main rivals are Vincent and Ashley.

The basic plot of the game is that you are the son/daughter of Prof. Maple, your mother. The day is your birthday, and your mother takes you to her lab and tells you to choose a Pokemon. Then she battles you with a Lv. 2 ????(not telling you).

I know, I know, this seems like nothing and a wall of text. But hey, I'm new to this thing. E-mail me or post here. My e-mail(this isn't my official one, by the way) is [email protected]. Anyway, laters.

WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S/L/S stands for Solar, Lunar, and Stellar!
Also, I'm in need of A LOT OF PEOPLE, basically people who make Fakemon names. I can make Fakemon names myself, but I'm aiming at over 200, so........

Anyway, POST!

Also, if you STEAL MY FAKEMON OR ANYTHING ELSE, I'll give the worst possible thing......A LAWSUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The reason I say this is because none of my Fakemon have stolen, including my Starters. As well as my map. The rest I'm not so sure of, because Team Chaos is a common name, and the characters names I'm also not sure of. I'm watching Pokemon Advanced Battle, so goodbye.
I don't think fakemon can be sued for.
I don't use, "uber," Pokemon, I don't calculate stat values, I don't use cheating devices, I don't breed my way to perfection, and I don't care about natures. I catch my Pokemon the way they are, and treat them like individuals instead of brainless drones. If you use this philosophy, copy & paste this into your signature.
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