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Well, the convention is over now, so I'm going to go and add all of the content to the first post. Thank you for your continual support everyone.

RE: The comments about the battle system... As I originally said in my first post, I want to try and do something abit different with a Pokémon Fangame, so am moving away from the classic system into a more FF style action, fast paced system. There are no battle animations, as this would have meant a lot of time and other areas suffering as a consequence (not all fangames have animations - just look at Pokémon Raptor!) I'll do a more detailed account of the battle system in my next update (see details below).

So now that the Nintendo Fangame Convetion is over and the big reveals passed, what is there to look forward to now? Plenty, I tell you! Specifically, you can look forward to December when I shall be doing a big reveal each day of the month in the Pokémon: Lost and Found Advent Calendar! Yup, that's right! Every single day, I shall add details on a new recruitable Pokémon.

Other than that, work goes on as usual with the game. Over the next few weeks you can look forward to the following updates:

- Slakoth, Aipom, the world map and the battle system
- Cherrim and Vespiqueen
- A reveal of the WHOLE of Berry Forest
- A reveal of an important area to the back of Berry Forest...
- Revolution of a very special interactive mechanic to the game
- Finally, the end of Berry Forest and a very special mechanic of the battle system

...And finally I went ahead and darkened the tile pallettes to make everythign fit together much nicer:

Until next time!

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