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Pokemon Laon in development
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Note: This game is being developed in RPG Maker XP, and so far I am doing it alone, however I am interested in reliable help.

Story: A short time has passed since the adventures of Gold/Kotone(Crystal) in Johto and Dawn(Platinum)/Lucas(Diamond) in Sinnoh,and a few years after those of Red/Green/Blue and Ruby/Sapphire and people throughout the many regions were enjoying peace, that is, until disaster struck.

An underwater volcano of huge caliber suddenly erupted between Fuscia City and Cinnabar Island, and in a disastrous chain, so did several minor ones along Kanto's souther border, leaving nearly all of the southern half of Kanto in ruins with no explanation as to how or why the eruptions occured.

Luckily, nearly no casualties had occurred to the people nor to almost all of the wild pokemon in the are however, the damage done to Kanto seemed irreversible. Many people migrated to Johto, or to the lesser known region of Laon, to the north of Kanto. A new pokemon league was set up with several leaders from Kanto now residing there. The previously quiet region began to become more important, and the population of both trainers and pokemon increased, and soon, the tragedy was beginning to move into the past...

One year later, you begin your journey. You have previously lived in Saffron city with your mother, and your father, who was a world-renowned trainer, until his mysterious disappearance around the time of the incident, and a new, unkown band of villains began to rise up in Laon, Johto, and what's left of Kanto. Like all the other heroes, you unexpectedly become the one hope to protect Laon and Johto from the same miserable fate of Kanto, and finally solve all of the mysteries...

At least two fully accessible regions, Laon, the still occupied areas of Kanto, and the ruined sections of Kanto.
Partial access to Johto guranteed, and possibly full access. Access to a small event taking place in Sinnoh, and possible access to the Sevii Islands.
All 493 pokemon can be caught.
Meet a cast of characters both new and old in your adventures.
Travel back through time into the past versions of Laon, Kanto, and Johto and figure out the truth behind the disasters.
A new storyline linked with the stories of the other games.

I'll try to give you guys a few screenshots soon.
Here's a beta screen of the player's hometown, Laros Town

I will try to implement as many features as possible, but since this is my first game, I may not be able to.

Please comment, and ideas are always appreciated. I also want to know which leaders/important characters you want to see in this game, other than the champions of each region, who will all appear.
If you want to, please tell me what you would like the starter to be (sorry guys, you don't get to choose a starter in the game, everyone gets the same pokemon)

If you are interested in helping out just tell me. I mostly need mappers, spriters, and scripters.

Poccil+Flameguru for the amazing Pokemon Essentials.

If I am using something of yours and I have not credited you, please notify me immediately!
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