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Quote originally posted by Accursed:
I've been waiting for this XD

That Seven one is the sex imo
thanks, it's just an experiment really.

Quote originally posted by Roserade:
Awesome skills are awesome.
Really love the .Hack one.
Really? I hate that, spose cause I ***** the style too much.

Quote originally posted by This Name is Exactly 36 Letters Long:
They look nice, but the fuzzy-ness of them looks bad.

Still nice though. 8D
The only fuzzy one is the first one really, and it's meant to be like that, but thankyou.

Quote originally posted by xxkaylabby:
love all of them. beautiful coloring. the first one is cute.
Thanksyou ;D

Quote originally posted by Angela:
OMG I really like your work. :D

And I just love your most recent banners... And to answer your question, yes we do eat it in a cup.. :D

Anyway I love this one..

If you ever decide to make a tutorial then please pick this one.. :D
Can you maybe translate the text for me?
Unfortunately, that tag wasn't so popular with most people, so there won't be a tutorial, but I'm glad someone likes it xD

Quote originally posted by Drizzle:
I've been waiting for this. I wonder why there are so few? ;_;

Anyways, back to business, may I use this as my new theme? If you allow me to, then could you make a 110x110 avatar of it?
Sure, here you go.

Oh and there aren't many cause I was on holidays for most of november, so had no photoshop.


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