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Okay, this hack is seriously well though out. And wow, a year's work! you must be really proud of this hack!

So, I made a test, so far I'm fighting the pixie guardian. Now, just telling you about two things I've noticed:
On the lighthouse elevator, when you talk and choose a floor, the textbox edges are left like that afterwards.
And if you don't exit and talk to the elevator switch again, the "which floor you want to choose" text won't appear, just the multibox.

Nothing really bad, just that building, which has short walls and a looooooooooong roof, which just seems weird to me.

Also, on the timeless grove, on that pond where you heal your pokemon, on the tile that has the flower, you actually see your own reflection on that flower... :D

Good luck with it! You're my 2nd favourite hack in preference right now, after Sienna, so I may not have voted for you on Hotm, but you definately got my vote on Hack of the Week! (and people should actually start voting as well, one day left until next week's nomination).

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