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Well, let's see if my resume is good enough shall we...

Grammar, Language, and Proof-reading.
Genre: I can do almost any genre asides from Romance in which I’ll just do a commentary on grammar and possibly human characteristics, but certainly nothing to do with Thing A x Thing B relationships. Genres I work best with are Science-Fiction, Military, Psychological, Gore, and Action.
Preferred method of contact: Private Message on PC (PM). However, once I’ve requested your request or you’ve accepted my offer, then actual beta-reading can be done through E-Mail if convenient for either party.
Examples of writing: NG-137 Synthetic Integration, and Reflection in the Storm.
Examples of reviews/beta-reports:
Strengths/Weaknesses: I’m well versed with physics and human psychology, plus I know a fair bit when it comes to adding long, detailed descriptions. Sci-Fi is my forte and I know how to make scientific arguments sound authentic to laymen. I usually work well when I try not to disappoint so clients can expect beta-reports from one to two weeks after submission. It might take longer due to real-life, but I’m fairly confident I can manage. Grammar is also one other thing that I can help with apart from helping clients with making their sentence structure flow better(most of the times at least.).

My weaknesses on the other hand, revolve around procrastination, work, and study, but I’ll limit it in this case so don’t worry. Apart from that, I’m human and tend to make the occasional mistake.
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