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Quote originally posted by Raibutai:
Nice. I like this one the best. You're pretty good at lighting effects, too!
Thank you! ^^ I try to make nice lighting effects and stuff, they're pretty fun. xD

Quote originally posted by Eurydice:
wow those are amazing. good job cant wait to see what you post next.
btw the umbreon is my favorite
Thanks! ^^ I wouldn't say they're amazing, per say, but I'm glad you like them!

Anyway, here's another member of my HeartGold team- my Red Gyarados, Mazyuun. The purple-pink gem embedded in his forehead is a Life Orb, which raises his attack in exchange for a little bit of his HP (although his defenses and HP are so high anyway, be barely notices that effect).

I like the shading and the rain more than the background, personally. I rushed the background, although more focus is on the Gyarados himself, so it's all good. Gyarados is pretty frickin' cool. XD