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Originally Posted by Raibutai View Post
Nice. I like this one the best. You're pretty good at lighting effects, too!
Thank you! ^^ I try to make nice lighting effects and stuff, they're pretty fun. xD

Originally Posted by Eurydice View Post
wow those are amazing. good job cant wait to see what you post next.
btw the umbreon is my favorite
Thanks! ^^ I wouldn't say they're amazing, per say, but I'm glad you like them!

Anyway, here's another member of my HeartGold team- my Red Gyarados, Mazyuun. The purple-pink gem embedded in his forehead is a Life Orb, which raises his attack in exchange for a little bit of his HP (although his defenses and HP are so high anyway, be barely notices that effect).

I like the shading and the rain more than the background, personally. I rushed the background, although more focus is on the Gyarados himself, so it's all good. Gyarados is pretty frickin' cool. XD