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Originally Posted by Johtomasterandlover View Post
Count my signature there!
the jynx problem was FAR MORE than just stupid
Y´see im Brazilian and I COULD NOT WATCH THE EPISODE WHERE BROCK IS KISSED BY A JYNX.......................I wish i could have the pleasure of laughting out loud out of that one, just to imagine....

BUT just think, the guy i just mentioned has in fact a little difference in ethnicity
Brock i mean, and just for the record, He´s a frickin´ gym leader OF KANTO aaaaand has an important part in both Red/Green/Blue/Yellow Gold/Silver/Crystal arc manga volumes and the anime itself, in wich he is one of the main caracters.
I'm mexican but my skin tone is white, and because i'm not like all mexican stereotypes (more-like-brown-skin-tone) all call me "gringo or guero" (words here in Mexico to refer the people in USA). But i don't feel discriminated, i think that all has to be with the person himself, we come in all tones of colors and i don't discriminate anyone (i've a lot of friends and we never discusses about etnicies) but if you can laugh of yourself (i'm white so always i say that i'm a vampire with anemia haha) then you're lost, when Ludicolo comes in R/S/E all my friends say: What!!! They're making fun of us, a pokemon like a mexican dude come on. I, really laugh at it and say: Ey, a Mariachi Pokemon haha, that's the reason i think Jynx color was irrelevant, what's the problem for being black? I think that that's not a offense to anybody (of course, if you accept yourself).