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I hope I can join

Name: Phoenix
Species: Trapinch

Appearance: Phoenix is a darkish orange colour all over its body except on its belly where it is white. Like most trapinch his head is way bigger than its body. hi entire head it extremely hard and it can crush rocks without too much recoil. he has very sharp teeth and a very big jaw. his eyes are mostly black but with a bright green pupil whoch looks like a semi-circle.
personality: Phoenix has always lives as sort of a lone wolf, he travels around and makes many friends by helping them with their problems. he is always cool and collected and usually jokes around when he probably should be serious but in times of danger he always gives it his all to make things right.

History: Phoenix grew up in a vast desert with many other species of Pokemon. His society consisted of many gangs and it was always survival of the fittest. His parents were not the smartest monsters in the pocket and they would leave him to go thrill seeking, bully others, and loot. Growing up in the bad neihboorhood, Phoenix learned to take care of himself and use what was around him. One day he got tired of his way of life and said to his parents "I'm leaving now" and they probably weren't paying attention so he just left. Phoenix has always had a thirst for knowledge and would live with many different species to learn about them and make himself stronger. One time he tried living with school of Seaking so he could learn how to swim, it didn't go over so well. He also tried to follow around a Ninjask to learn how to be a ninja. The Trapinch was once part of a band of travelers that would search out rumors or myths about wrongdoings and go try to help, after realizing his companions were only in it for the rewards he left to seek out the ever growing stories about the corruption.

Other: Phoenix has been in many brawls with many different enemies. He is not one who thinks highly of violence so that is way he always prefers to find peaceful resolutions to things.
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