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Originally Posted by Giratina ♀ View Post
But this isn't what you're asking.
This was honestly going through my head halfway through your post. :P

And honestly, I'm going to have to take the purple pill and say that there ought to be some sort of balance.
Yes, balance is good. However, right now, writing non-comedy, I don't consider the fact that my fic may not be amusing to others. I just write for the sake of my own enjoyment. The question wasn't simply meant to imply if "we should let the desire for others to like our writing override the desire for us to like our writing more," because inadvertantly, we'll at least write something that we'll like.

For me, I'm wary of considering the amusement of people at all because if I did it might stifle creativity to a certain degree. That is to say, if the reader doesn't like it, tough.
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