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Hi, I've finally decided to make a trade thread after weeks of thinking. My mission is to help players get an event Pokémon that they want but they don't have, and to complete also (if not all, almost) my collection of event Pokémon.

(Although I'm offline, you can still make offers)

IGN: Bian
FC: 2794 4743 7152
(This is my FC in Pokémon Diamond. Please always use this for trading unless otherwise stated)

1. No hacked Pokémon please, I really really don't like hacked Pokémon that was made and altered on AR, Pokesav, etc. I know many people who can do legit checks with my Pokémon so don't try to give me hacked Pokémon. I do, however, accept cloned Pokémon.
2. Please be nice to me and to other traders here as well. Please avoid flame wars and arguements with other members. We are here to trade Pokémon so we should help each other instead of fighting.
3. Please be patient, I have a life outside of Pokémon.
4. My timezone is GMT+8, so if you live in the US for example and it's morning in your place, then it's already night in my place.
5. Please don't give me event Pokémon with wrong dates. Don't give me also touched Pokémon. I also don't want RNG'd event Pokémon.
6. I only trade event Pokémon for an event Pokémon.
7. I cannot clone, so you should be able to clone to trade with me.
8. If you do some offenses here (fighting with other members and me, giving me hacked Pokémon, being rude, spamming, etc.), you will be on the Warning list for the first time you did an offense. If you did it again for the second time, then you will be on the Blacklist.
9. I'm pretty sure that all of my Pokémon are legit. If, however, you've proven that one of my Pokémon is hacked. I'll give you a full refund and remove the Pokémon on my list.

* Event Pokémon that are not meant to be shiny will not and never ever be shiny. Example of these are the 10th Anniversary Pokémon. So if you have those, then I'll count it as hacked Pokémon. Unless you have a proof that it's legit.

Raichupacabra: Helped me obtaining some event Pokémon. Also helped me cloning some Pokémon.
Death_Mande: Helped me to do a legit check on some of my event Pokémon.

None yet, let's keep this up.

None yet, let's keep this up.

Any event Pokémon that I don't have.

* KillerX: My E-Card Scizor, ShigeShige Psyduck, and NWS Darkrai for his Oblivia Shaymin, PKTOPIA Surfing Pikachu, and 10 ANIV Entei (Bryant Park).
* azoula: My 10 ANIV Bulbasaur and France 10ANNIV Articuno for his 10 ANIV Suicune and 10 ANIV Entei