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I have the newest version of Essentials, yet i still get the
Pokemon Essentials
Exception: NoMethodError
Message: undefined method `+' for nil:NilClass
PokemonUtilities:289:in `getRoughLatLon'
PokemonUtilities:386:in `getLatLong'
PokemonUtilities:586:in `getToneInternal'
PokemonUtilities:584:in `each'
PokemonUtilities:584:in `getToneInternal'
PokemonUtilities:353:in `getTone'
PokemonUtilities:2095:in `pbDayNightTint'
Sprite_Character:124:in `update_or'
PerspectiveTilemap:408:in `shadow_update'
Shadow:179:in `update'

This exception was logged in ./errorlog.txt.
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error message when i go to a map that i have made "outdoor = true" in Metadata.. PLEASE help...
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